Ordering and Payment

Ordering and Payment


    How can I place an order?

    You can place an order through our Internet Shop or over the phone by calling +49 (0)711 20700900.

    After completing your order, you will receive an order confirmation from us. This confirms that your order has been received. After your order has been successfully checked, your order is passed on to our order-picking centre. You will receive a confirmation of shipment by e-mail. When you receive your confirmation of shipment, your order is deemed to have been accepted and the purchase contract concluded. This confirmation of shipment will include a parcel number and a direct link to our transport service provider which you can access to find out the delivery status of your order directly online.

    Different delivery address:
    Please note that the invoice is always enclosed with the delivery. This also applies to orders with a delivery address which is different to the invoice address.

    Quantity limit:
    The items on offer in our shop are aimed primarily at end consumers. We therefore reserve the right to limit various items to retail quantities which are normal for household use.


    How can I order with VAT identification number?

    If you as a customer from abroad (EU countries) have a value added tax identification number (VAT, VAT ID No., VAT ID)  and want to order exempted from value-added tax in our Online Shop, please contact our Order Hotline at +49 (0)711 20700900 . Please keep your VAT ready. Of course it is also possible to send us your request or order by post or fax on paper with your official letterhead with a signature and stamp on it.

    Send by fax to:
    Becker Shopping Team
    Fax number: +49 (0)711 20700826

    Send by post to:
    United Navigation GmbH
    Becker Shopping Team
    Zeppelinstr. 41
    73760 Ostfildern

    Please note, that it is not possible to give consideration to the value added tax identification number at a later date.


    How can I pay?

    You can currently pay by credit card, by instant bank transfer or advance payment.

    Payment by credit card:
    You have the option to pay with the following credit cards: MasterCard and VISA Card.

    The goods will be shipped to you after the transaction has been approved by your credit card company, depending on their availability.

    Payment by instant bank transfer:
    Instant bank transfer is a new, innovative payment method with a certificate from the German Technical Control Board (TÜV) and TÜV-verified transaction security which has been developed and is provided by Payment Network AG. Through the secure payment form of Payment Network AG, which is not accessible to retailers, sofortüberweisung.de arranges in automated fashion and in real time a transfer in your online bank account. The purchase amount is transferred instantly and directly to the bank account of United Navigation GmbH.

    You do NOT have to register with sofortüberweisung.de as an end customer to be able to use sofortüberweisung.de as a payment method.

    Your advantage
    After the handling of your payment has been completed, United Navigation receives a confirmation directly through sofortüberweisung.de that the transaction has been successfully handled, and generally dispatches goods which are in stock within 2-3 working days. The usual delay to traditional payment in advance as a result of the bank processing times no longer applies. Click here>> to see an overview of your advantages.

    Note on liability in the event of fraudulent use:
    There have so far not been any cases of fraudulent use with the "sofortüberweisung.de" instant bank transfer service (TÜV-certified online payment system). Nevertheless, as a precaution sofortüberweisung.de wishes to point out that there are many banks and savings banks which work on the basis that the use of the "sofortüberweisung.de" instant bank transfer service shifts the burden of liability in the event of any cases of fraudulent use by third parties because of the use of your PIN and TAN. This may mean that, in the event of any fraudulent use, your bank may refuse to accept the loss, and as a result you may have to pay for the loss. As a precaution therefore, the operator of the "sofortüberweisung.de" instant bank transfer service, Payment Network AG, has taken out an insurance policy for your benefit which covers losses incurred in the event of any fraudulent use subject to the insurance terms and conditions which are detailed under this link. You are hereby protected against any liability risks within the framework of the scope of insurance.

    Requirements for the payment via sofortüberweisung.de:
    Essentially, you can use the "sofortüberweisung.de" instant bank transfer system as a payment method if you have an activated online banking account with a PIN/TAN. Please note that a small number of banks do not yet offer the "sofortüberweisung.de" instant bank transfer system as an option.

    HBCI (Homebanking Computer Interface) with a smart card is not supported by sofortüberweisung.de. You do not have to register to use the "sofortüberweisung.de" instant bank transfer system. All you require is the following:

    • A bank account in Germany which can be accessed online
    • Your account number
    • Your bank details
    • The PIN (Personal Identification Number) of your online banking account.
    • A TAN (Transaction Number) of your online banking account
    • Further information that may be required depending on your online banking system

    You can find further information at www.sofortueberweisung.de.

    Payment by advance payment:

    In the e-mail which you receive to confirm your order, you will find the total amount of your order and also our account number. Once the total amount has been received in our account, your ordered goods will be prepared provided that they are in stock and shipped to you as quickly as possible. The reservation and ordering of the goods is only performed once full payment has been received. If we have not received any money in our account up to 14 days after receiving your order, your order will be cancelled automatically and completely free of charge. Please note that we are unfortunately unable to accept account-only cheques.

    Our bank details:
    United Navigation Shop
    A/C 2971632
    Bank sort code: 60050101
    Baden-Württembergische Bank

    IBAN: DE28600501010002971632

    To allow us to assign and record your payment quickly, we ask that you perform the transfer based on the following model:

    Amount: ..................... EUR/CHF/GBP  (Total price incl. shipment costs and insurance)
    Intended use 1: the number which is specified as the intended use on your PDF invoice
    Intended use 2: Invoice number

    When making a transfer from abroad:
    Please appreciate that any bank charges that are levied for arranging a transfer must be paid by you in full. If the amount which we receive in our bank account differs by the amount of a bank charge, we reserve the right to delay delivery until we receive full payment of the value of the order.

    Note on refunds:
    If an order which has already been paid for by payment in advance should not be carried out for some reason, we will refund you the amount that you paid in advance after cancelling the order. 

    Payment by invoice (only possible for corporate customers or public institutions):

    We currently only offer the payment by invoice service to corporate customers, public institutions and authorities within the Federal Republic of Germany. We are unable to deliver goods with payment by invoice to private customers.

    For public institutions, companies and authorities:
    You send us your request or order by post or fax on paper with your official letterhead with a signature and stamp on it.

    Send by fax to:
    Becker Shopping Team
    Fax number:
    +49 (0)711 20700826

    Send by post to:
    United Navigation GmbH
    Becker Shopping Team
    Zeppelinstr. 41
    73760 Ostfildern

    If you would like to establish a new business relationship with us, please send an e-mail to our Shopping Team at shop@mobilenavigation.mybecker.com to arrange an individual appointment.


    Why do I have to register?

    Registration in our shop gives you additional benefits. For instance, you can view your order status online at any time or retrieve your order history. You can make follow-up purchases easily and conveniently and register for our shopping newsletter.

    We can assure you that your customer details are governed by the statutory data protection guidelines. More details about data protection at United Navigation can be found here>>


    What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

    If you have forgotten your password, this is not a problem, you can set up a new password here>>

    Once you have clicked on the 'Request password' button, we will send you an e-mail which will allow you to change your password.

    If you do NOT receive an e-mail containing your access data within the next few minutes, please check the following: Have you already registered in our shop? If not, you need to do this once as part of the order process. You can then create your own password. As soon as you have registered, you will be able to log in with your e-mail address and your password in the future.


    How and where can I view my order status?

    You can retrieve the status of your order online at any time. To do this, log into the Becker Online Shop and click on your login on the right-hand side under MY ACCOUNT. Here you should select the menu item ORDER HISTORY. Here you can see whether your order has already been dispatched. If the status reads DISPATCHED, your parcel is in the process of being delivered. You can access the direct link in your confirmation of shipment to track the delivery status online with DHL.


    How and where can I view my order history?

    You can view your order history online at any time. To do this, log into the Becker Online Shop and click on your login on the right-hand side under MY ACCOUNT. Here you should select the menu item ORDER HISTORY. You will then see the orders you have placed previously.


    What are special offer items?

    Special offer items are as-new or select used products that we’re able to offer at unbelievably low prices. These products may be as-new remaining stock or discontinued models (first-choice goods) or refurbished items returned by customers, as well as demonstration models (second-choice goods).

    Items from remaining stock and discontinued models include the original packaging and are like new in every way, but are only available in limited quantities and will be sold out after the offer ends. Demonstration models are products that have been used internally for testing purposes. Returned items are products that were sent back by customers under the legal right of withdrawal.

    Before we offer used or previously opened products as special offer items for sale, they are inspected for technical functionality and repaired by trained employees. The outer packaging of these items may be slightly damaged or missing, and/or the product itself may show slight signs of usage, including fingerprints, scratches on the body, etc. The degree of visible wear differs from item to item and cannot be specified for individual products in advance. Additionally, accessories not relevant to the device’s functionality may be missing. In this case, this will be noted in the product description. At the time of sale, all products are in technically sound condition and can be used for all functions for which they are designed.

    Since special offer items are often only available as individual items or in very limited quantities, they are offered for a very limited time and only while supplies last. If another customer submits an order for an item that you have selected before you are able to complete your order, it is possible that the item will no longer be available. Please understand that over-ordered or sold-out items will be removed from our product offering without replacement.

    Sales of special offer items have no effect on the product’s warranty, unless otherwise specified in the product description.

    Please note that it is not possible to exchange these items for as-new (first-choice) products or apply them to purchases of other items.


    The billing address listed in the order is wrong, how can I change it?

    A retroactive change of the billing and / or shipping address is no longer possible after completion of the order.

    * incl. statutory VAT, plus shipping / ** Electronic Service